Intro to Mineral Rights

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Mineral Rights give a person or business the right to explore and produce the mineral resources (oil, natural gas, gold, silver, etc…) below the surface of a piece of land. Mineral rights can be purchased, sold, gifted or leased just like a traditional piece of real estate. In Louisiana we have a unique set of laws relating to the ownership of Mineral Rights. Mineral Rights in Louisiana can be sold just like any other state, but these rights will revert back to the original owner after 10 years from the sale or from last production. For example, if an individual were to sell their mineral rights to a commercial buyer in 2005 and the buyer didn’t produce or explore the mineral rights for the following 10 years; you would regain ownership of your mineral rights in the year 2015. If production does occur within 10 years then it serves to interrupt the 10 year period. If you find yourself in a sale that does not include the mineral rights please send me any questions or concerns you may have.