Cyber Security: What’s Your Risk?

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It is important to understand what risks you may be susceptible to if using a free (or nearly free) email service like Gmail, Hotmail & Yahoo. It is often trivial to compromise an account on these email services, once this happens, it is not very difficult to figure out the parties involved in a closing and insert another email address into the CC” list.


Here are a few articles documenting some security issues with Gmail and Yahoo:


As for Title Stream's email system, there are several security features currently in place to protect our clients' private information. The email server is behind a “monitored” firewall.  All account passwords are complex, and must be changed periodically.  All accounts are subject to being locked after 6 bad password attempts with notification of this lockout being logged.  All incoming mail into Title Stream is additionally scanned by Symantec cloud services for viruses, malware, and ransom ware as an additional layer of protection. Additionally, we utilize Zixmail to encrypt emails containing personal information, which makes the probability of information being compromised on Title Stream's email system slim to none.


While it is often easy to prove when and how something is compromised, it is not so easy to prove that something is not. ALL internet email is transmitted in clear text (unless encrypted by something like Zixmail), which makes it trivial for anyone that possesses the proper knowledge to read and intercept emails. Protect yourself through education. Check out Stay Safe Online, a great resource for insight on what you can do to protect both you and your client's information.