Cyber Security: Email Hack

In today's world where identity theft and cyber-attacks are becoming more prolific, agents should be aware of how these new threats could potentially affect their clients.   Recently at the Louisiana Land Title  convention held in New Orleans, attorneys from title companies across Louisiana were discussing the newest threats to their clients and specific instances

CFPB Changes Summarized

It is important to remember that the changes coming October 3rd apply only to CLOSED-Ended Mortgage Transactions or transactions secured by real property with a finite term. They do not apply to HELOCS, Reverse Mortgages, Land and Mobile Home Loans. The Lender will be delivering to your Buyer their Loan Estimate (replacing the Good Faith

TRID & Cash Sale Investments

Just last week Title Stream handled two closings where a national lender issued HUD approval the day of the closing. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s new implementation of the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure which takes effect October 3rd, 2015, would have prohibited this and the closing would have been delayed. Experts are predicting that 45-60 day loan approvals

If August in Louisiana is hot, then the real estate market in the Greater New Orleans Area is on fire. For the third year in a row the cost of buying a home in the New Orleans area has risen. The 10 year anniversary of Katrina marks a milestone showcasing this city's resilience in its

Early prior law had it that an immovable was land and buildings permanently attached to the land and component parts of buildings. Component parts was defined as part attached to a building which could not be removed without substantial damage to the building. Later prior law added a “social expectation” criteria. The law in 2005

What Does it Mean for Agents and their Clients? On June 26, 2015, the United States Supreme Court held that states may not enact laws that deny same sex couples the right to marry, and that states must recognize same sex marriages validly performed in other states. The Court reasoned that such laws violate the

Tax Sale Investing

Here is what you need to know: Tax liens are sold for the amount of delinquent taxes, interest charges and related fees due to a Parish. If you buy at the tax sale, you purchase a “tax deed” from the tax collector, usually the Sheriff, and you have a “tax sale title.” This is then

Louisiana Home Warranty Act

PURPOSE The New Home Warranty Act provides additional protection for the public against defects in the construction of new homes. The warranty is provided to the new home purchaser, and places the responsibility on the builder to that purchaser, in addition to subsequent purchasers as defined by periods found in the New Warranty Act. In

Handwritten Wills: The Legal Details

Called an olographic testament, here is what you need to know about a handwritten will in Louisiana: It must be entirely written, dated, and signed in the handwriting of the testator. Issues arise with handwritten wills when people use fill-in-the-blank forms that are partially typed and partially handwritten. In that case, a court will look

From a legal standpoint, when equipment, decorations, or appliances become affixed or fastened to the real estate, it becomes a fixture and is supposed to be transferred as part of the sale, unless there is an agreement providing otherwise. What are some of the factors determining whether something is a fixture? Method of attachment. Is