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Meet Olivia Byers, our new attorney at the Baton Rouge office, as she dives into what makes purchasing property in Baton Rouge such a good idea:

Baton Rouge is seeing an emergence of growth. The real estate market in the Capital City is hot, hot hot! We are seeing houses in the city and surrounding suburbs being sold within the first days on the market. With houses flying off of MLS, you may be wondering what all the hype is about.

Baton Rouge has the best real estate market in the State right now. According to a national housing report released by Nationwide Insurance Company in 2015, Baton Rouge’s job market is growing at a 2.5% increase per quarter over last years growth at the same time. Baton Rouge’s diverse job market is taking the oil hit much better than other areas in the state that are more dependent on the oil sector. Property values in Baton Rouge are continuing to grow as people migrate from the more oil dependent areas of the state to the state’s Capital City!

Which brings me to my next point: Baton Rouge is the Capital. This means more state jobs, more resources, and for the political buffs, more history. The State Capital offers tours and who doesn't love the ole pencil stuck in the senate chamber's ceiling?
Additionally, after years of political stalemate, we are finally seeing major growth.

Downtown and Mid City are getting massive re hauls. Baton Rougeans want the city to feel like somewhere that's great to live and the current administration is finally making pushes in that direction. The Downtown Development District in Baton Rouge has released reports showing that 191 units are in construction in downtown with 109 more to soon follow. Mid City is becoming the cultural region of the city with many artist showcases and the up and coming culinary industry. The growth of new restaurants has foodies from all around salivating for the

Also, if happen to be a college football fan, Baton Rouge just happens to be home to the best college football experience in the country. Saturdays in the fall host world class tailgating. Don't believe me? Just ask any of the hundreds of sports cites/periodical journals/ESPN that have ranked LSU tailgating at the top of their lists.

One final remark, Baton Rouge is one of the only big cities that still holds a small time feel. The capital city has a growing economy that is becoming more diversified and imaginative, but is also a warm community based on tradition, family and culture. A small town feel, with growing, big city amenities.